Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've decided over much thought this morning, That i really don't like house work.

After spending the last three weekends with Brad, outside building different things I have decided that's what i like to do rather then house work. The reasons are.................

1. When i clean the toilet somebody comes by two minutes later and pee's all over the seat, and nobody will ever know it has been cleaned

2. When We build something nobody comes by two minutes later and pee's on it.

3.When i spend the morning Cleaning the floor, Nobody notices enough to take off there shoes.

4. When something is built, even if nobody notices i can still sit and admire it by myself.

5. When i Make dinner, everyone complains (except Brad, who gets mad at the kid's for doing it) and fights over how many more bites they have to take.

6. We make a kitchen table and i can admire it while ignoring the comments about dinner.

7. after trying to keep the house clean all day but alas fail and by the time Brad gets home it's a complete mess and i feel bad about myself cause i can't quite keep it together.

8. We build something and unless the house Burns down i can pretty much keep the Deck or table together.

So my conclusion is I don't like house work cause it goes unappreciated and when you build something it stays built and I feel like I've accomplished something.


  1. So true! I have a really dirty kitchen right now, one that will require 3 dishwasher loads to get it clean again, the sad thing is it was perfectly clean a day ago. lets share a maid service one day, seriously.