Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Love Story

Today has been a great day. Dad's been over visiting while Mom's in Cardston. Which was a great switch since Mom took Paris with her. Mom called today and said Paris is having a great time. Mom said they went over to see Maggie (Foxx's Sister) and Paris had so much fun. They went to go and Paris Said her goodbye's go Maggie, Mom told her to say good bye to Marvelle and Cliff and Paris replied "but i don't Care about them" Mom told her it was polite so she said goodbye.

Brody's had a great day. He got his chores done early and has been playing with a friend from down the street. He found a friend in grade 2 that has the same love of Micheal Jackson as our Brody does. They are a perfect match.

Blaze has kept himself Busy in the back yard today. The whole garden is mud. Well early this afternoon he kind got bored and wandered into the front yard, I told him he had to stay in the backyard, But he just could not, so i went out and found him a lady bug...............

He loved this lady bug he held it, Giggled as it walked up and down his arm. He was in love. He packed the trunk of his wheel's with dirt and a car for the Ladybug to hang out in.
About 10 min later he came to the door with the lady bug between his fingers ..........
"Mom It Broke"