Friday, April 16, 2010


Wow Monday is the last update I've made. I don't think I've gone that long without updating unless i was having a baby. I went and picked up my camera today so i feel whole once again.

Wednesday there was a huge snowstorm. It was wet and heavy. It hit from Lloyd down the side of Alberta and then through Southern Alberta. We woke up about 2:30am to crying Blazer....... So i got up flipped on the light as i walked by but there was no light so i flipped on the light in the basement, no light. (he's scared of the dark). So there was no night light hence him waking up and ended up in our bed. Brody is also not a fan of the dark so he ended up in our room on the floor. About a hour later Paris woke up with a bad dream and ended up in our room. Ironically enough Knox slept though the night that night.

So we went without power for 19 hours! How did we do it? I read everyone of my magazines from front to back, I thought a book should always be in your 72hour kit. The kid's played outside then they got on there swimming suits and had a hot tub (bath). We played card's, It was OK till it started getting later and later and we still had no power and everyone else in town did. I kept calling Fortis about our power and they pretty much said we should go somewhere else for the night cause we have a low chance of getting power. Well that did not stop me from trying, I happened to be looking out the window at about 7:30 and saw a fortis truck drive by so i threw on my shoes and ran out and waited on the side of the road for it to come back. Soon a few other's were out with me. Soon the poor Fortis Man came back and we flagged him down, Begged him to just try putting the transformers up, He said if there is any power lines down from us to the golf course it was just going to pop again, But with a little persistence he tryed and they popped and so i figured that was it, so we went inside to start packing up the kid's to head to Wolsey's (my parents still had no heat or anything). We'll i guess we sounded desperate enough cause the fortis man came back said he blocked the golf course (he figured that was the problem) and put the transformers back up and sure enough there was light! So Kid's went back to bed we got to watch American idol and life made sense once again.
Things about the kid's this week.............
Brody is kinda going though a snotty stage. I snap at him and he snaps right back. I don't like it but i guess if i quit snapping at him he may quit snapping at me. Hmmmm Maybe I'll give that a try if that does not work he's going to have a very sore hide.
On the other had Brody and Paris have been big on "meetings" they get together first thing in the morning and give each other a pep talk on being so good and making mom and dad happy etc etc. and as soon as someone starts getting grumpy the other sure enough call's a "Meeting" and then they come back happy once again!
Paris is going though a emotional stage right now. We are not sure were it came from and we all hope it end's soon, One thing is said and off she goes running to her room, Door slams and well we are not even sure what happens after that cause, we are all to scared of her to check on her. So 30min or so later she comes back out just as sweet as she can be.??????
Paris was so sweet today she went to the library and looked so hard to find Brody a book that he would like and then checked it out for him. Brody does this quite often for her and she decided she better do it back, and sure enough B had done the same thing. So instead of just getting there own book both got each other a book.
Blaze is a pain in the butt still.(but we love him) He was bring grumpy this morning so i pulled out the big roll of paper, Layed him down on it and drew the outline of his body. He laughed thought it was so fun, so i told him to color his body
He took it literal
Knox has been such a good boy and working diligently on getting his top four teeth. They are all big and huge and so cute! He's a trooper that kid!
So i think i'm all caught up! Hopfully i won't go that long again so they don't have to be so long!


  1. I'm glad you guys managed to get the Fortis guy to help you out. Having no power definitely sucks.