Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Day of First's

Today was a day filled with first
- Today was the first time we've made it to church 10 min early (OK maybe 5min) but early non the less. Brad and I had prime picking of seat's got our tithing payed and had a few min's to calm the troop's before church started
-Today was the first day the "you don't do a favor for me, i will quit washing your clothes and making your lunch" threat was used on the kids, during church.
-Today was the first day in a long time that Blaze had to be escorted out of sacrament meeting, But as soon as he figured out he could not get off my lap, he was wanting back in.
-Today was the first time Blazes Sunday shoes ended up in the toilet at church. hopefully the last.
-And finally today was the first of hopefully many, Watermelon feasts!!
I'm sure Blaze and I will have the gut ache to prove it.
Today was the first whole day that our new Cousin and Nephew has been on this earth! And we are all so excited to have Hunter join the big ol' Wolsey family! Congrats Angie and Nate and Parker and Carson!