Friday, May 7, 2010

My Family

What would i do without them?

Brad's gone for the weekend to Az. He's golfing with his Dad. The big kid's are gone to Auntie Missy's house. So that leaves me with the little boy's.

Of course our day starts of normal minus the yelling at the big kid's to get out the door to school. Blaze played around watches a movie I quilted, we made muffins, gave Foxx a bath and blow dried him. We had lunch, and laid down for a nap. We woke up from our nap and watched oprah for a bit, 3:30 rolls around and nothing happened. The huge Parade of smelly kid's, Papers, Backpacks, shoe's boot's coats' never happened. The house stayed tidy. Hmmmm So we got bored and went to Grandma Sharon's at 4:00. Came home at 5:00 and 5:45 rolls around and nothing happened again. There were no kids Screaming "Daddy's home" There was nobody to save the children from there insane mother. There was just quit. So the boy's took a bath. Got on there P.J.'s read some book's and went to bed at 7:00.

Everyone stayed asleep the whole night, I did not have to get out of bed once. In fact I woke up before both boy's this morning.

Long story short, I kinda miss the crazy busy. It's kinda boring for the little boy's with out having the big kid's around. I'm kinda tired of Blaze asking were Brody and Paris are, and then after being answered asking Buy why a thousand times. I Kinda Miss Brody's funny way's he try's to get out of work, and how Brody and Paris get together and try to con me out of things by making a deal. I miss Paris just because she's Paris.

But most of all I miss my Human Body Pillow! That's right "Big Daddy" I miss you the most!


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