Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Don't step on a crack or you'll...................

Break you mother's back
or the other version of........
Don't step on a crack or you'll Syc-ro-cits something?
You ever heard that? I've heard the first but Dr. T said the last when he was telling me what the problem with my back was.
I'm putting that in my "the polite word for crotch is actually a Perineum" Dr. Info file.(for more info on that http://thewolseycrew.blogspot.com/2009/07/caution-strong-langauge-used-below.html) It's interesting to know but when it comes down to it I always panic and say crotch and in this case I'll always say crappy back ache.
So i went to get out of the truck today and totally messed up my back. I walked around like a gimp till Knox fell of the couch and i ran to get him and messed up my back even more. Then i was crawling everywhere! Yikes. Knox had a Dr. appt (he has a infected throat) so Mom took him and Told Dr. T about my back so he said to pop over to the H tonight cause he was on call. Well i did and he Pushed the right or wrong spot. Sent me flying and yelling, He went ahead and told me that big word that i really don't even know what it is. That's what the problem is.
He gave me a pill with a script for 2 more, And warned me the one side effect that i would notice is that it will make me super hungry. So on the way out of the hospital i said to Brad Mmmm let's stop at burger baron, Dr. T yelled after us, it does not kick in that fast! Oh nut's.
Hey a big shout out to the Sis in Law to made my awsome Banner up top! It's so cute and she is so talented! Thanks Noelle!


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