Monday, May 24, 2010

My Rock star!

I was out to lunch with Paris the other day,

Me: Paris who do you play with at school now days?

Paris: Katie, Carly, Teanna, Manda, Jillian, Mom I'm pretty much a Pop Star!

Me: Yes you are Paris.

So I'm building My outdoor sectional. I was Bragging about it a couple post's ago.
So I had gone up to get the wood and I asked for 5 1by4's So he said ok, Do you need them cut. I said no, cause why would i need them cut if I was going home to cut them. Hmmm. So i proceeded out to the Yard to get them in our Buick Rendevou which is slightly larger then a car and slightly smaller then a van.
So he pulls out 5 boards, And said it this what your taking them in? I said yes, duhhhh, Brad and i had got wood before in the Buick. So he puts them in and i realize something is wrong. When Brad and i had got them before they did not seem to hang out that far. Oh well, So i had Blazer in the front to lean on them and i had one arm around them and away we went (mind you we are a block away from the Home hardware. So we get going and hit a little bump and the wood started bouncing and It got bouncing so bad i thought for sure we were going to loose it, or it was going to go through the windshield. So we slowed way down to like 2km a hour, got it stabilized, re-ajusted Blazer so he was hanging off it to keep it down, and we got home.
I pulled them out and it was then that i realized he had given me 16 footer's instead of the 8 footer's i thought he was giving me. Now i realized why people were looking at me. Really a 6 foot space in a vehicle with 16 footer's out the back, We must have taken up half the block. No wonder in our small town Mom heard about me taking my 16 footers home in our vehicle. Opp's. Brad Laughed he thought it was funny, But not so funny he was about to let me look like a idiot again. He got me 8 footers today. So I'm off to build the rest of my sectional!


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