Thursday, May 20, 2010

When did I become that person?

I questioned myself yesterday. When did i become that person? The person that can walk into a room and have poo everywhere and turn around get the cleaning stuff and clean baby and poo up, and it not be a big deal. Earlier on in life i would have freaked out screamed Probably called my mom to help clean it up. Not yesterday, I walked in, the smell hit me like a brick wall, I powered through the wall of stink and saw my smiling baby standing up in his playpen in all his glory, poo everywhere including around his mouth, and all i said was " oh come on Knox don't eat your poo". I got him up bathed all the poo off, Cleaned up his bed threw his stuff in the washer and went on with my day. Why is another person's poo not a big deal to me anymore?
I ask myself again, When did i become that person.


  1. Nasty dude. That's what having a few kids will do to ya though. :)

  2. ahhh, love a good poop story! i still haven't had a kid poop smear his bed or eat it, hmmm maybe its the curse of baby number 4.