Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Front Walk.

So in the front of our house there is a skinny sidewalk to the steps then the steps into the house or steps down to the other side of the house,  But that side walk just runs into the house.  So it's kinda a weird little place,  But it was perfect for a seating place,  A perfect place to sit while watching foxx poop, (OK we don't watch him poop,  but we have to watch him or he'll run away.  Anyway that delved more in to the Dog's potty time more then i wanted to,  But anyway.....

So this is what i did!

I bought a wood rug at Jysk on sale for 12.95.  I got it home and got right to work on it.  I really wanted a chevron pattern on it.  So i got out 2 of my many Gallon's of Paint that i have laying around the house, and got to work.  I Painted the whole thing with 4 coats of white paint.  I even painted the brown weave trim,  it soaked up the first 2 coats but the second two covered well.  Then i whipped out my Handy Dandy Painters tape.  I adore Painters tape,  Not sure why but that green goodness gets me excited every time i see it!  Anyway i taped off my best chevron pattern,  Let me tell you,  It sucked!!
But i went with it,  and it actually turned out way better then i imagined it would.  I think the easier thing would be is to print of a vinyl stencil but of course i have like 12 inches of vinyl left so i had to just eyeball it.


So i got out my second color and painted between the special green tape.  And TaDa!!  It worked

So the chairs i had from the other house,  they once were blue then a green and Brown Damask print,  then i recovered them in the red.  And i already had the fabric so it cost me nothing!


The pillow's made from vintage Pillow cases that i scored at a garage sale for $0.25 each.  i just cut and sewed them to fit these little pillow form es that Mom had given me,  So my total spent for the pillow's was $0.50

The Flower tin bath thing,  Again was scored at a garage sale! (there is a trend,  I adore garage sales.  You can find the best treasures to re purpose).  Anyway i kinda paid more then i wanted to for it but i could not pass it up,  It was a big $15.  Then i purchased the dirt for $6, and flowers for $12 for a grand total of $33.  Yikes,  That i guess was my biggest expence. So once i had everything planted and growing good,  i used my last 12 inches of Vinyl and my Handy Dandy Silhouette Machine and got to work.  I printed off this stencil from vinyl with The Wolsey's and the flowers.  I painted it all up and let it dry then i took sand paper to it,  to give it a worn look. 



And there you have it!!  My grand total cost was $46.45!!  Pretty good and I love it!  It will get plenty of use this summer (If the rain stops anytime soon).


  1. seriously cute, love the red. i think i'll wander over sometime, take a seat, and watch Carson play.

  2. OH that looks like such a comfy place to sit and relax! Love all of the things you did -- especially the chairs and the mat -- great color choices!

  3. I love all of this. The rug is FAB!!! and the tin bath thing is sooo cute!
    following you now

  4. I featured this on my blog, Diva Thursday! You can come by and grab a button if you like.
    I love this!!!