Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Back to school!

I love this time of year.....  The last few Weeks of summer seem to slip by so fast,  But it's welcome!  By the end of summer my kids (or just me) is ready for back to school!  This summer has slipped by so fast i found myself totally unprepared for "back to school".  So this weekend we slipped up to edmonton to visit Jayme/Lara and Missy/Ryan.  We tryed to do some school shopping but it was so crazy busy in the city! I guess everyone else was a little late for there school shopping as well.

Anyway  The kids were able to spend a chunk of there hard earned summer  money on clothes that they loved.  We were able to spend a chunk of our hard earned money on School Supplies..... Blahhhhh but that's a whole other post. 

Brody is in Mrs. Dorners grade 5 class and Paris is in Mrs. Karrens grade 4 class.  This was the first year that i was not asked to come in with them.... Probley cause is dropped them off in my monkey p.j's totally bra'less and my hair  was extra huge!  But non the less they did not require my presents there.....

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