Thursday, October 4, 2012

Being a single Mom...... Sucks

So Brad started his new job up in Edmonton this past Monday.... We decided together to take the job and do weekends together till the house sells.  I knew it was going to be hard,  But really it's not as bad as i thought it would be for sure.

To make it easier I've totally cut back on what i do.  I've simplified my life to pretty much Thurs. and Sat. Photo shoots. and one more craft night!  That has made it so much easier to not have so many demands on me. 

Brad likes the job so far!  It's great Money and hours!  I guess the only downside it him leaving... It was super hard on Sunday but it's gotten better and better... But we are excited to see him tomorrow
Now the job is to finish the house so we can actually put it up for sale... Brad's been so frustrated cause he just could not get it all done fast enough.  But hopefully this weekend we can work and work and work till it's totally done and then throw it up for sale!! 

Since Brad's been  gone Mom (thank heavens for My Mom) and I have worked hard Cleaning dejunking, Painting.... Pretty much anything we can do so Brad does'nt have to.  It's looking good and i'm excited to get everything ready to put it up!!


  1. oh my KD, it looks so good!! send all the kids up with Brad so it can stay that clean :)
    I hope it sells super fast so you guys can get up here!!