Saturday, May 16, 2009

Miss Paris' BEST DAY EVER!

Today was a extra exciting day for Miss Paris. She got to start her long awaited Horse riding lessons. She's been asking for a horse since she pretty much came out of the womb. We've told her over 1.25 million times we have no room in the house for a horse but she insists that the backyard is big enough. Anyway we decide that she is now old enough to start to at least learn about horse (from somebody who knows something).
She was quite nervous this morning on our way out but was so excited. She learned about the different brushes for horses. How to put the other hand on the horse as you brush so you can feel when he's going to move. She helped put the saddle on and learned all the names for everything. She learned how to speak to the horse and all sort's of stuff. She was so excited.
So I told her she need to ask for a new pair of cowboy boot's for her birthday since the ones she has, she has had since the Christmas before last and are getting a little tight. She was so excited about the idea and then added in "yea and I'll ask for a horse to go with them".


  1. So cute! Kaiya would love that. Where is she taking the lessons?

  2. She takes it out here in magrath, from Audra Foggin. Well worth the money and time. She does a great job!