Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day to ME! And all the other Mom's

This is what i spent the morning doing. Brad was trying to figure out something to do for singing time in primary that had to do with mothers. So the kid's pick a flower and it Say's how they sing the song and the flower is actually a pin that they can give to there teacher to pin on there dress'. Brad was thinking paper flowers but I'm much better with fabric so he cut and i sewed. I think they turned out so cute! We decided they should call us both and he can do the music and i can do the props. Don't think it will work but it's worth a try!

Today was a good mothers day! I got to sleep in till 7:45 which is a good 15min past when i usually would get up. I woke up to jumping (blaze) and other random rowdy noises so early in the morning. So i got up and as soon as i walked out the door the kid's came a running forcing me back into bed which is usually fine but being pretty pregnant i really had to pee so i had to fight past to get to the potty. But back to bed i went and worked on my Sunday lesson for my Beehives. The kid's were so excited to give me breakfast in bed they couldn't keep it a secret any longer so they spilled the beans about flower shaped pancakes there were colored pink and purple and blue! Wow! Well the morning rolled by but i could hear all the commotions out in the kitchen, While Brad was trying to mix some bread to go in the bread machine (that i bought him for mothers day), Blaze had got into the food coloring that was a little carelessly laying out for the up coming pancakes. Brody was there as Brad turned around and so Brody got the blame for letting Blaze play with the food coloring. I had to remind Brad that Brody is 7 and not in charge of Blaze usually while we are around and the food coloring should maybe not have been out till it was ready to be used, Brad said it was not his fault so it must be Brody's (Brad did sheepishly back down and agreed but still Say's its not his fault) But i Digress. So At any rate the pancakes turned out super with all sorts of color patterns in them. Blazes hands were dyed pink so it's was not near as noticeable as a blue or green would be, I got my breakfast in bed and was sung to by a 3 kid choir of mother i love you! So for one day i feel like I'm a ok mom! I'm super lucky to have 3 great kid's (that totally drive me insane) And a super duper Husband that is so kind and patient with me, More so then i am with him for the most part.

Oh speaking of him being patient we were on our way out the door this morning and actually 15min early and so i insisted on taking a picture, Boy was Brad mad hehe but again he let me have my way only after a little grumbling and a quick reminder that it was mothers day and my right as a mother to take a picture of my kids.


  1. Great post. I'm sure the day was super fun for Brad but whatever...he's got his day coming soon too. I told Ryan not to be too nice to me today since I'm too lazy to do all this for him next month....but, at any rate, Marvin Miller, I should be going....

  2. The flowers turned out great! Brad does such a good job in primary with a little help from you :)