Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's only 9:30 and look how productive i've been!

Yes that is right it's only 9:30 and I've been busy busy already! Most people have probley accomplished twice as much but those of you that know me lately (Brad) Knows i have less then 0 energy or umph to do anything. So this morning as i woke up i realized that............ Today is the Big Cook day! Which is so fun a group of girls (or lady's but that makes us sound old) get together once a month with freezer meals so i make 4 of the same meals as does everyone else and then we swap them so everyone goes home with 4 different meals for there freezer. Which is the best thing ever most are crockpot meals or BBQ just easy that you can add rice or potato's to and you've got a great meal which is all ready for ya. Anyway this month's kinda snuck up on me so i did salsa chicken MMMMMMMM but easy. It's 5 pieces of chicken in a crockpot with 1 cup salsa, one can of cream of Mushroom soup and one package of taco seasoning cook for 5 hours or so and then add sour cream and you can do rice with it. Yummy! Anyway after that i got so much more done..........

This is the freezer meal's looks nasty but oh so good!

Ok I did not do this today but i did it yesterday at quilt club and i wanted to show Missy..... Ok so this is out of a jelly roll and 2 1/2 yards of the light. Looks super hard but actually is pretty easy. You end up with i think 18 pretzels and then a few half ones so it's pretty good size.

Ok Blaze got bathed and clothed today which is something kinda major. He is a bear to get in the bath first of all. If i can trick him into the bath it then takes a hour to trick him into sitting down in the bath so we mostly use a cup to shower him down. He's not a fan of H2O that's for sure.

And i helped Paris Sew up a couple of headbands. They turned out really cute for a 10min job. She did most of it and loves them even more cause she did them!

So yes It does not look like much but i feel like i deserve my nap today! Usually i don't feel deserving of it but i take one anyway but today's nap is very much called for.
I've been wondering were i got me energy this morning and I've got to thank Brad i decided He found a great sale On Dr. Pepper and as long as they are in the fridge I'm drinking them!


  1. YOur so cute KD! You need to send some of your umph my way! I've had 0 lately!! but you at least have an excuse for low umph.
    Hey can you give a quite tutorial on those fabric flowers you made for primary music? I thought a little bouque of them would be cute as a year end thank you to Ella's pre-school teachers...

  2. Totally! They turned out so cute and we attatched them to pencils so that would even cuter for a teacher eh! Hey i found a blog and thought of your check out

  3. I love that idea of doing a dinner club!!! umm that is actually super fantastic!!! and that recipe sounds really good friend! it sounds like you had a great mother's day and that not too much has changed in your house! :) I can't believe that you are going to have another baby in 75 days! that's just wild! hope life is treating you fabulous!