Friday, May 15, 2009

This is how we ROLL......

Blaze has 3 major obsessions so far in his little life.....
1. Anything with wheels Including but not limited to Cars, Trucks, Vacuums, strollers, his potty chair (that does not actually have wheels but he rides it around like it does).
2.Driving in grandpa's wagon or buggy or scooter which i guess fit's with his wheels obsession.
and #3. Is being outside! As soon as he wakes up in the morning it is a fight to get outside. I have a hard time getting him dressed or washed or anything else. What kills me though is all he does is wander around the backyard. He just walks around and drives his little truck around sometimes pushes his stroller around with all his treasures but no kidding he could be out all day long and we would not hear a word from him. To get him inside we have to tag team him. One grabs the other opens and closes door's while trying to avoid the flay ling arms and leg's of his little body.

So today Brad was home and was trying to finish siding the garage so Lucky Blaze got to go out. Well of course he found the mud and got all dirty and gross, So when he came in for lunch we had to take off his pants. I wanted him to stay in after lunch but between Brad and I thinking each other was watching him.... He snuck out the first time Paris opened the door. Yes and only Paris would not realize he was out of the house. Anyway he managed to put on his soaking wet gummies and away he went................................... Soon i looked out when he was not answering my call and this is what i saw..................................

Blaze in his saggie britches and gummies having the time of his life!

And then saying cheese to mom thinking he's so funny!

And then he ate a little dirt!

Oh and then found another Puddle to splash in.....

Notice the bottom of the diaper look's like he did his buissness on the outside instead of the inside but really it's just the mud splatter from jumping in the puddle.

And the best thing about it all.................... We sat there and took pictures and laughed at him!!!


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