Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Last night the kid's and i went out delivering the Neighbor gifts around. The kid's asked if there was a extra one to pixie. We had talked about it before but there is one particular house in town that has the most fabulous Christmas Lights. We drive by every night to take a peek at them and the kid's being in the Christmas spirit wanted to give them something with a note that said how much we enjoy them every year. So out we went well it was just me and the Big kid's but soon we decided Dad was a much better Runner then Mom so we dropped me off and picked up Brad and out they went. They came home shortly after saying what a success it was. It was so fun to see the kid's excitement and to hear it in there voices. Brody kept repeating how good it felt and he was glad these people would know how much we liked there lights.

So at about 10pm we got a knock on our door. Brad had been in and out because he's flooding his rink (eye roll) So i jumped up assuming it was him and that he had locked himself out (cause we do that at our house), and pulled open the door and there was nobody there. Just a bag. Well to make it a good story i have to expand and apologize to who ever it was cause again i was assuming it was Brad cause who else would come at 10 at night? so i was in my undies (i had a long shirt on but just my blazing white undies under) So if your wondering why i closed the door really fast and then just stuck my hand out that's why. So i pulled in a large bag and opened it up and pulled out a card.

I read the card, It was a wonderful card and brought tears to my eyes. I called Brad in from flooding the rink(eye roll) and had him read it. We both sat there dumb founded and amazed at the generosity of people. The Note had said about reading this blog and the one particular entry, which i have to say i wrote it cause i wanted it to be something i would remember and if i write it on here it get`s in my yearly blog book, but i put no title on it, and as soon as i posted that one i posted a fun one right after so if people looked they would just see the fun one about baking. Anyways, my first thought was oh no they thought I was whining and someone felt sorry for us. But with much thought and tears we are so appreciative of your generosity and kindness and we feel so loved and cared about this Christmas season. To that someone who has shown us this kindness i just want to say to whoever our secret Santa is, Your generosity will be passed on next year the same way it was passed to us.


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