Sunday, December 20, 2009

This Past weekend we've had a huge loss in our ward and the town. Brother and Sister Kinneard moved here a year and a half ago but as soon as they got here they just dove right in and it seemed like they had been here forever. This past weekend they were involved in a fatal car accident.

Brother and Sister Kinneard were B's Cub Leaders, for the short time B was in cub's they made a huge impact on him, I could not bring myself to tell him until Saturday afternoon. He was so upset he cryed and cryed. This is his first touch of mortality that he's had in his life. It gave us a great teaching moment. I pulled up a picture of the Kinneard family on the computer (i did pictures for them last march when the whole family was together and i still had them on my computer) and explained to Brody who we were praying for it was the family here on earth because Brother and Sister Kinneard were so happy to be were they are and to be together. Also that Heavenly Father needed them.

It's such a hard time of year to have such a great loss and everyone felt it. I was unable to go to sacrament meeting today because Paris was sick, Brad said it was a sad sad meeting. Brad came home after he did his singing because he was sick as well and I was just going to stay home but realized i need to go to as much church as i could today, Even if it was just to feel a little comfort. And it worked I came home from Church feeling the comfort the i needed today.

I've learned so much about my Testimony this past weekend. I'm so grateful for my knowledge of the plan of salvation and I'm so grateful for family we have and the love we have for each other. I'm so grateful for the example the Kinneards set for us and especially for B. Today the Cub's all wore there uniform in honor of there leaders and B, though a bit emotional, was so proud to be a part of it. Again B was not in Cub's long but long enough to learn to fry a egg by himself as well as learn about skiing had a great Christmas party, They also had a Ski trip planned for Monday. The Kinneard's will be missed by the ward greatly but more so by there family who we are all praying for.


So the Past few week's I've been feeling sorry for myself because we are being held to a very very strict Budget for Christmas, Which we've been able to get the kid's there stuff but when it came to Brad and I we are not giving gift's, Which sounds dumb to be sad about but it made me so sad that i could not give Brad anything and that i could not even get new PJ's. But after the past event's I've come to realize this Christmas will be one of the Christmas that we remember the time we spent together and the act's of service that we've done because it was truly giving of ourselves since we put our Christmas money into that rather then Brad and I. I've decided that giving the kid's the opportunity to give service and to pixie other people and to do baking together to give to others is really more important then anything i could give to Brad or get for myself. So this year is going to be a memorable one not for what we've got but for what we have taught the kid's and the time we spend together. I'm so grateful for Brad and the kiddies, as well as our extended family.


  1. So sorry to hear that KD, I'm sure the Kinneard family is feeling all the support, love, and prayers give B a big hug from us...