Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Paris.

Our Paris is such a funny girl. Not on purpose mind you.
I took her on a date last Saturday and when I go out one on one with the kid's I like to get updated on there likes and dislikes. So here is how the conversation went after all the regular color, food ect questions were asked
Mom: So Paris who is your favorite Brother?
Paris: Do you want them in order?
Mom: Sure
Paris: ok it goes............... 1. Knox
2. Foxx
3. Brody
4. Blaze
I came home and told Brad and we wondered if B or Blaze would be super offended since they ranked under the dog for brothers.
One more quick funny one about Paris. Mom went and picked the Kid's up from school today, and told me this funny but a little embarrassing story.
Mom got there a bit early so she was waiting outside Paris room and watching a little play they were acting out. Mom said Paris got to be the dog, and of course Paris was the perfect dog, Mom said she was prancing around on her hands and knee's, Sniffing the other kid's butt's, Barking.......................
Oh wait did i just say sniffing the other kid's butt's, Yes i did. She thinks it's ok since Foxx does it. Grandma explained to Paris that maybe next time she should not do that since the other kid's might not know that dog's do that not to mention how inappropriate it is!
So that's our Little girl in a nutshell.