Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Realtor

Lesson learned:
Always wear pants around the house even if your not expecting anyone to come by.
I was busy ironing a bag yesterday morning. Unless I am expecting anyone i sometime don't wear pants but i digress. So i had Knox up in his bumbo on the table while i ironed in the kitchen by the sliding window door, and i hear a knock at the back door which has a big window as well, so i thought how i could get passed that window to my room to get pants on.
Hmmmm not possible so i hid in the kitchen and turned the music down hoping he would just come back later.
No such luck, i hear footstep's coming toward the sliding door so i made a dash passed the other window while he was between window's , it was like i was on a covert mission for pants.
So by know it had been long enough that it would be awkward to answer the door so i was still hiding but quickly realized i left Knox on the table beside the sliding door window, so i was pretty sure Knox would be looking out the window smiling at him and my cover would be blown.
It was so i grabbed pant and slipped out to the door.
Lesson learned:
Don't ever be more then a arms reach away from a pair of pants.
And don't come to my house unannounced


  1. I promise we'll always call first before we stop by! Once when we lived in Saskatoon I barely opened one of our curtains to see how bad the snow had been the night before and came face to face with the mail carrier lady, i dived behind the door and avoided her for a year, (i too had neglected to throw on my pants). your not alone KD...

  2. The exact same thing happened to me not once but twice--no such lesson learned. The 1st time was 3am so totally not expecting people right. Lucky for me I had a huge bathrobe nearby.