Monday, March 15, 2010

Hmmm Big boy bed, Good idea or not?

Last night was Blazes first night in his big boy bed. After about 1 hour down there
I hear the door crack open
Blazer: Um I all done sleeping Mommy
Mommy: um no your not
Blazer: Ok Mommy

And back to bed he went

20min later

Door: squeak
Blazer: I all done sleeping Mommy
Mommy: No your not Blazer

Back down stairs to Playpen
Mommy: we'll try the big boy bed tomorrow
Blazer: NOOOOOOOOOO Mommy i want big boy bed ECT. Ect ect. for about 20min

So back down stairs i went and gave hin one more chance

About a hour later the door cracks open a little head pop's out and he tip toes to our room, noticing the treat's on our night stand...................

Blazer: i just have some Chocolate (it was licorice)
So he grabs a few and head's back down stairs

5min later the door cracks open and he peeks his head around the corner and tiptoes down the hallway and looks at us grabs another handful of licorice
Blazer: I just have a few more chocolate.
Daddy: Alright we'll try the big boy bed tomorrow
And with that Blazer is off to bed at 11:00 at night.

The freedom is to much for him to resist so far. We'll see what happens tonight.


  1. give it a couple more nights. Does he still nap? Carson is so tired by 7pm he can fall asleep surrounded by toys within 5 minutes! but he doesn't nap. Good luck with the transition...