Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is the biggest strain on marriage?

Ummm I think a perfectionist Husband and a Know it all Wife working on one project on a Saturday afternoon.

Wow that was tough but we got though it with Lot's of nattering back and forth and Me calling Brad a j*($%@^* A couple times after him showing me, for the thousand time, how to use a drill. Seriously I think i can handle a few screw in a piece of wood.

After all was said and done our project turned out great! We still have to stain it and finish but we are pretty excited about the results so far!

It's our new Kitchen table with Benches so everyone fit's around the table without having to dig up more chairs if we have company.
Oh and don't worry we still love each other and Brad Promises to be more patient with me, and i in turn promise to make sure he knows that I'm right in a more loving manner!


  1. It looks great..I am very impressed!

  2. Love it!! I was looking at some plans for bunkbeds...they look super easy! Pat and I CANNOT work together. Period. Pat will ask me to help him with something and now I'll just say, 'Do you feel like fighting today? Cause that's what's gonna happen!!'