Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day's like this....

I love day's like this.  We checked the weather last night and found out how stinking cold it was going to be!!!  Yikes So I got up this morning and thought oh forget it I'm not sending the kiddies to school in the freezing cold.  I don't even want to open the door.

So we stayed home all day.  We baked Muffins,  Watched Lot's of NetFlix, Made cookies, colored.  It was all smooth sailing till i was nap time.  Yikes when this Mama does not get a nap I am not happy.  But i dealt with it and we made it through the freezing cold day, with out opening the blinds, Getting dressed and i almost made it all day with out putting on a bra.  That is a good day for me!!

Well tomorrows is back to the regular grind.  It's suppose to be nicer weather.  I'm hoping they are right cause it's big sale day at Micheal's and i really want to head in!!
Also Brad's rink is about done and he's antsy to get everyone skating on it.  Yikes I'm not skating on anything if it's not close to -1.

So my I'm setting a early new years resolution to keep up on my blog better.  I was talking to my Mom this morning and she said she misses me Posting on here as much as i use to.  So even though i live a block away from her and she See's pretty much everything happen in my life I'm going to keep up better on this for her!!


  1. That's funny that your Mom misses it, being she's so close and you probably talk to her several times a day! I love reading everybody's blogs, and always think they should post more, then I realize I myself hardly post, lol!