Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ummm SICK!!!!

I got a phone call today from the school......
Mrs. Fisher- Hey KD this is Krista
ME-  Hey how are you?
Mrs. Fisher- Good,  Umm I've got Brody here with me at the office ......
*Insert me expecting the worst*
Cont-  He got thrown up on.
ME- Oh that's Nasty
Mrs. Fisher- Yes it is
ME- Oh that is so sick
Mrs. Fisher- Yes it is.  Could you bring him clean clothes?
ME- Um Yes I'll be right there.

Oh my Sickness!!!!  Blahh
I ask Brody what happened,  This is what he said " well i was sitting by him and i had my leg's crossed so i could not move out the way fast enough."  He said all of the sudden the little guy covered him mouth and the next thing Brody knew he saw chunks flying in his direction.  It did just hit his pants but i took a whole new wardrobe change.  Blahhhhhh!!

Anyway meanwhile Knox was napping and Blaze was watching TV so with my quick thinking i ran out the door thinking i did not want to wake up Knox,  So Being the best mom ever i left the house, saw the neighbour snow blowing his driveway,  so i yelled across the fence and asked if he saw anyone come into the house would he make sure they did not leave with one of the boy's, and that i would be right back.  I'm the best Mom ever.  I was informed when i got home that in fact a  man did go in only but only left with  our electronics, luckily he left the boy's.  Hehe

What a Stinking Day..... Literally


  1. Oooohhhh, gross!! Poor guy!! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!!

  2. Did someone for real steal from your house??! Haha, 'cause that would suck. EWWW I would DIE if I got puked on. Poor Brody! I guess he needs to stop crossing his legs so he can make a fast getaway. Haha.

  3. Bahaha no, He was kidding. And i know i said really B who crosses there leg's in grade 3? Really